Am I in your service Area?
  • We service Stonebridge, The Orchard, Old Barrhaven, Hearts Desire, Chapman Mills(between Prince of Wales & Crestway)

When do you install and remove driveway markers?

  • We will start to install our driveway markers after October 21st and will be removed after April 1st. Please do not throw away your markers. If you remove them yourself, please keep them somewhere visible for us to pick up when we come by

When does your contract begin and end?

  • Our contract starts November 1st and ends April 1st.

Is there a minimum snowfall required?

  • Our contract covers all snow accumulation of 5cm or more. 

Do you clear ridges left by city plows?

  • Yes, when our operators finish their first pass they make as many return trips as necessary to clean up after the city plows.

What if it snows a small amount spread out over a few days?

  • Once the accumulation is at least 5cm, we begin. 

When can I expect my driveway to be done?

  • We begin all routes once 5cm has accumulated. The City of Ottawa plow schedule is unknown, however we follow their plows as closely as possible to remove any ridges at the end of your driveway quickly. 

Do you ever use a snow PLOW?

  • Absolutely not, all of our tractors are outfitted with snow BLOWERS that are much more efficient and safer for your driveway.

Is there a cap on the amount of annual accumulation?

  • No, we do not have a cap on the amount of annual accumulation.

I know that you will be busy during a snowstorm, but will there be someone to answer my call?

  • Absolutely. During a snowstorm we have a fully staffed call center to answer any questions you might have and handle concerns as quickly as possible. We will return any voicemails, or resolve issues indicated in a voicemail, as quickly as possible. You will also receive a prompt response via email.

With such large equipment will it damage my driveway?

  • No, in fact snow blowing with a tractor is the safest method of clearing your driveway. Although the tractor is large, the weight is evenly distributed across oversized tires that results in about the same force per square inch as an average car. The snow blower attached to the tractor includes a Teflon cutting edge and is safe for all driveway surfaces (including interlocking brick). The attachment is calibrated to float above the driveway surface to avoid damages. Also, at the beginning of the season we install driveway marking posts at the end of the driveway and around obstacles to help our operators navigate throughout the winter.

Is there a problem if there is a car parked in my driveway?

  • Operators will remove as much snow as possible around your vehicles that is safe to do so. For best results please ensure that all vehicles are removed prior to a snowstorm. If it is necessary to leave a vehicle parked in your driveway ensure that it is as close to the house and as tight to one side as possible. For the sake of efficiency our operators cannot knock on doors or honk the horn to wait for you to move your vehicle(s).

What about water valves on my driveway?

  • It is the responsibility of the home owner to make sure that if any water valve caps are protruding the driveway to contact the City of Ottawa at (613) 580-2400. You will need to request that they send a service technician by to lower the pipe and cap to the level of the asphalt. If the cap is not flush with the level of the driveway it's very likely get picked up and blown onto the lawn or worse! Please make sure that the city takes care of this in advance of the first snowfall. Otherwise, once snow arrives and covers the surface, this issue is not apparent and the city may charge you for repairs in the Spring.

What is your repair policy?

  • In the event of accidental damage to property caused by driver or equipment error our operators are required to report it to the office. Please contact us as soon as you can. Urgent repairs will be resolved immediately. Pierce Hill Farms will typically make any non urgent repairs in the spring.

If it is icy do you spread salt or any traction increasing materials?

  • No loading or transporting of snow, sanding, salting, de-icing is not included in the contract.

If I am at the end of the route does it mean that I will receive poor service?

  • No not at all, we plan our routes in accordance with the cities snow removal service. You will find that even at the end of our route you will be done faster than being in the middle of many of our competitors routes.

What time will you clear my driveway?

  • We operate 24 hours a day. Our start times vary based on the timing of the snowfall. We cannot guarantee a particular time of day or night. If it snows overnight as a general rule we start at 5am and are usually done the first pass before noon. For heavy snowfalls averaging more than 10cm, we continue as necessary, even after snowfall has subsided.

    What if I move in the middle of the contract terms?

    • If you move to a different location within our service area, services can be transferred. If you move outside our service area, we would provide a refund at a prorated rate.

    Do you offer rooftop snow removal?

    • No, we do not offer this service